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1998: Magnetic Signature of Upper Plate Structures and Subducting Seamounts at the Convergent Margin of Costa Rica.
1999) provides a crustal thickness of 53 Km average around the zone of maximum shortening of which the excess thickness of 33 Km is mainly contributed by the piled up strata of the Disangs, Barails and Surma sediments which occupies the central part of the range (20 Km is considered to be the thickness of the subducting oceanic crust).
Correlation between the age of the subducting CocosPlate and the geometry of the Wadati-Benioff zone under Nicaragua and Costa Rica", in Mann, P.
The principle source of mantle heterogeneity appears to be related to the descent of subducting slabs into the mantle.
The subducting plate also contributes many chemicals to the overlying volcanoes of the Lau Basin, creating ocean crust of unique composition.
Polyphemus and Calypso's island, the subducting fingers
As for El Salvador, scientists believe a subducting fault (when sections of Earth's crust elbow each other, forcing the ocean floor to dip) occurred in the Caribbean plate.
To study processes that generate earthquakes, buoy-based observatory systems linked to an array of seismic and geodetic sensors could be placed in earthquake-prone geological locales--along an ocean transform fault or above a subducting plate landward of an oceanic trench, for example.
It is where the oceanic Juan De Fuca tectonic plate - one of the giant masses of solid rock that form the rigid outermost shell of our planet - is subducting, or sliding under, the North American tectonic plate that holds our continent.
Similarly, the northwestern margin of the Philippine Sea plate is subducting beneath the Eurasia plate along a convergent zone, extending from southern Honshu to the northeastern coast of Taiwan, manifested by the Ryukyu Islands and the Nansei-Shoto (Ryukyu) trench.