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The Hikurangi subduction zone is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire where the Pacific tectonic plate dives beneath the Australian plate.
0 or higher can occur only in subduction zones, Hayes said.
Not all subduction zones can have really large earthquakes is the implication of this study.
That means researchers can set up monitoring stations on land, much closer to the place where slow slip is happening--about 15 kilometers below the shoreline--than they can at other subduction zones.
Japan - The South Japan Subduction Zone (Nankai Trough) has a complex pattern of three segments.
Large trench parallel gravity variations predict seismogenic behavior in subduction zones.
This relationship is generally interpreted to indicate that the subduction zones must attain a certain depth (about 110 km) before processes in them trigger the generation of arc magmas.
Most tsunamis occur in the Pacific Ocean because the area surrounding the Pacific Ocean, dubbed the "Ring of Fire," contains most of Earth's subduction zones.
Scientists call the places where the plates bang together subduction zones.
Dr Andre Hpers of the University of Bremen says: Our findings explain the extent of the large rupture area, which was a feature of the 2004 earthquake, and suggest that other subduction zones with thick and hotter sediment and rocks, could also experience this phenomenon.
Giant earthquakes will more likely occur in subduction zones where one tectonic plate goes under another.