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SUBJECT-MATTER. The cause, the object, the thing in dispute.
     2. It is a fatal objection to the jurisdiction of the court when it has not cognizance of the subject-matter of the action; as, if a cause exclusively of admiralty jurisdiction were brought in a court of common law, or a criminal proceeding in a court having jurisdiction of civil cases only. 10 Co. 68, 76 1 Ventr. 133; 8 Mass. 87; 12 Mass. 367. In such case, neither a plea to the jurisdiction, nor any other plea would be required to oust the court of jurisdiction. The cause might be dismissed upon motion, by the court, ex officio.

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Similarly, Loss or Damage to the Subject-matter of Insurance by persons taking part in Labour- disturbances, irrespective of whether or not they are employees of the Industrial , / Commercial Organizations whose Workers are on Strike, the same would also fall within the definition of this Clause and may be Claimed for Insurance Indemnification.
Less understood, however, is the developing subject-matter waiver doctrine, which, if broadly applied, can undermine both the scope and fundamental nature of the privilege.
The court summarily rejected the attempt to elevate procedural error to the level of subject matter jurisdiction: "[T]he subject-matter of the suit was the assertion of a lien predicated upon a contract of sale .
Ranging from computer crimes to terrorism crime scene investigations, FBI subject-matter experts assist with training relevant to special event preparedness.
Then, the effects of potential moderator variables on the relationship between teachers' subject-matter knowledge and student learning are examined using both weighted regression analysis and AN OVA-like categorical analysis.
We have undertaken a research program that takes pedagogical advantage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in our teaching-learning environment as tools to encourage subject-matter revision and updating of prerequisites in Physics and Mathematics.
When the time came to decide on the focus of TIMSS, the subject-matter specialists had a virtual monopoly.
However, the decision to disclose hypotheses and/or experimental results should be taken with a full understanding of the impact on the potential patentability of subject-matter based on the disclosed information.
1 of the Road/Rail Cargo Clauses (B) would cover Loss or Damage to the Subject-matter of Insurance reasonably attributable to Fire or Explosion.
Another example: in Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence (1999), Darling-Hammond reviews what the research says about the relationship between student achievement and many different teacher variables, including teacher's general academic ability, intelligence, subject-matter knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, experience, and certification status.