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SUBJECT-MATTER. The cause, the object, the thing in dispute.
     2. It is a fatal objection to the jurisdiction of the court when it has not cognizance of the subject-matter of the action; as, if a cause exclusively of admiralty jurisdiction were brought in a court of common law, or a criminal proceeding in a court having jurisdiction of civil cases only. 10 Co. 68, 76 1 Ventr. 133; 8 Mass. 87; 12 Mass. 367. In such case, neither a plea to the jurisdiction, nor any other plea would be required to oust the court of jurisdiction. The cause might be dismissed upon motion, by the court, ex officio.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A district court cannot compel arbitration if, absent the parties' agreement, the court would lack subject-matter jurisdiction over the underlying controversy.
Thus, this Clause pertains to the Loss or Damage which would have been caused to the Insureds, during the Policy period, due to Theft/Burglary or any attempt to steal the Subject-matter of Insurance.
to be interpreted as meaning that a person who makes protected subject-matter available on the internet without the rightholders consent [for the purpose of Article 3(2) of Directive 2001/29] is using the services of the [internet] access providers of persons seeking access to that protected subject-matter?
As courts continue to navigate the application and scope of the subject-matter waiver doctrine outside of litigation, attorneys and their clients must proceed cautiously to avoid inadvertent waiver.
It intimated that "jurisdiction" derives from--indeed would appear to be shorthand for--the traditional recitation that the court "has jurisdiction of the subject-matter and the parties." Under Lovett, even when a court undoubtedly had subject matter jurisdiction and jurisdiction over the persons involved, it did not have "jurisdiction of the subject-matter and the parties" unless the pleadings had properly "invoked" the court's power.
Ranging from computer crimes to terrorism crime scene investigations, FBI subject-matter experts assist with training relevant to special event preparedness.
Ask a a network of CalCPA subject-matter experts to answer questions on everything from business management to paying for college.
For science teachers, the second provision allows states the flexibility to use their own certification standards to determine subject-matter competency, rather than requiring it for each science subject.
Then, the effects of potential moderator variables on the relationship between teachers' subject-matter knowledge and student learning are examined using both weighted regression analysis and AN OVA-like categorical analysis.
We have undertaken a research program that takes pedagogical advantage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in our teaching-learning environment as tools to encourage subject-matter revision and updating of prerequisites in Physics and Mathematics.