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The design included both objective and subjective data collection.
Finally, the tests with participants were conducted and the results were shown objective as subjective data. The objective results of with and without camber control were close to each other, because humans can adapt to changing situations and they automatically changed their steering behavior to minimize the lateral position error with the track.
This project has enhanced clinical practice and outcomes by reducing CVD risk in all patients in some way, measured through the screening and blood results, or through subjective data. They have reduced the likelihood of diabetes, are trying to reverse obesity, and prevent or better manage depression and related mental health illnesses.
The subjective data collected from Questions 1 through 5 of the surveys are as follows: 1.
The empirical part of the paper links firm-level subjective data on surrogates for the firm's capital and its managerial inputs to the two operational equations of the model, using domestically owned firms in developing economies.
Because Polysomnography (PSG) is generally not useful nor indicated for evaluation of insomnia in PTSD, a simpler objective measure, actigraphy has been used to research settings to get subjective data about sleep.
2010: The emerging aversion to inequality: Evidence from subjective data. Economics of Transition 18 (1): 1-26.
According to Zalicus, its LEP clinical model is a type of experimental medicine study that is designed to provide both objective and subjective data on a drug's ability to modulate pain signaling.
Unlike the previous studies focusing solely on subjective data, the pediatric patient study is measuring both objective outcomes (observed behavioral distress, duration of scan) and subjective outcomes (self-reported mood status, satisfaction).
This is an open question, and as a result, the tool was designed for users to record good, bad, objective, and subjective data as they choose.
The subjective data elicited from the students is employed directly in a structural model of double major choice.

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