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The leasing of part or all of the property held by a tenant, as opposed to a landlord, during a portion of his or her unexpired balance of the term of occupancy.

A landlord may prohibit a tenant from subletting the leased premises without the land-lord's permission by including such a term in the lease. When subletting is permitted, the original tenant becomes, in effect, the landlord of the sublessee. The sublessee pays the rent to the tenant, not the landlord. The original tenant is not, however, relieved of his or her responsibilities under the original lease with the landlord.

A sublease is different from an assignment where a tenant assigns all of his or her rights under a lease to another. The assignee takes the place of the tenant and must deal with the landlord provided the landlord permits it. The original tenant is no longer responsible to the landlord who consents to the termination of their landlord-tenant relationship.


Landlord and Tenant.

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Where this law can have a substantial anti-consumer effect is on the question of subletting.
A spokeswoman for ADCB said it was clear tenants were overcrowding apartA[degrees]ments and subletting, which is not allowed.
If a tenant decides to leave the premises and cut his losses by subletting, it can be particularly hard to abide by the landlord's lease provisions.
He said his landlord has sublet three such apartments in the same building despite subletting not being permitted by the law.
The Ministry of Lands and Resettlement recently carried out inspections on its resettlement farms and found that about 83 of the beneficiaries are subletting farming units or part of their farming units to other people.
Tenancy cheats live elsewhere and earn thousands a year by subletting their properties at higher rental rates.
It is vital that you check the precise terms of the lease relating to subletting. It would be most unusual for a commercial lease to allow the tenant complete freedom of subletting, although some commercial leases prohibit subletting altogether, in which case you have absolute discretion to refuse the proposal.
Commenting on the subletting of buildings during the Haj, lawyer Badr Al-Rouqi said such practices are illegal, as tenants do not have licenses from the municipal authorities.
No subletting is technically allowed under the terms of the Municipality lease agreement you have signed with the landlord, unless you receive the landlordAEs formal permission.
Subleasing or subletting, that is, renting out owned space, has become a preferred method of allowing relocators to have their cake and eat it too.
The individual office blocks have separate access, thus allowing for subletting and extension.