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The leasing of part or all of the property held by a tenant, as opposed to a landlord, during a portion of his or her unexpired balance of the term of occupancy.

A landlord may prohibit a tenant from subletting the leased premises without the land-lord's permission by including such a term in the lease. When subletting is permitted, the original tenant becomes, in effect, the landlord of the sublessee. The sublessee pays the rent to the tenant, not the landlord. The original tenant is not, however, relieved of his or her responsibilities under the original lease with the landlord.

A sublease is different from an assignment where a tenant assigns all of his or her rights under a lease to another. The assignee takes the place of the tenant and must deal with the landlord provided the landlord permits it. The original tenant is no longer responsible to the landlord who consents to the termination of their landlord-tenant relationship.


Landlord and Tenant.

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And two things are going to make it very likely that the sublease won't comply with the new statute: The subletting tenant will have no warning in the sublet law that leases need to have any particular language; the sublet-wanting tenant probably has no access to the maintenance history of the sprinkler system and no way to demand it.
I know subletting is not legal, but I am not the only one doing it.
Ms Jakeman explained: "The essence of subletting is that another business takes on a new lease while the original lease remains in force and the obligations under it remain with the tenant.
The ministry said it will issue notices to all farmers found guilty of subletting.
It It is far more common for the lease to permit subletting of the whole premises with the landlord's consent.
Although subletting is financially feasible, there are tremendous risks involved, especially in the event of an accident or fire," Al-Rouqi said, adding that people who sublet their buildings risk severe punishment if caught.
Subletting of the whole property however, is a different matter and this is not permitted without the required formal approvals and subletting agreements in place.
Northumberland County Council says illegal subletting of council and social housing prevents people in genuine need finding homes.
And why is it so easy to get away with subletting your council house at market rent and simply pocketing up to a thousand pounds a week at taxpayers' expense?
I would urge all leaseholders who are or are thinking of subletting to download a copy from www.
I think it sold so quickly because it was a sponsor sale in a co-op, so subletting right away was allowed," said Havlioglu.