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To put in an inferior class or order; to make subject to, or subservient. A legal status that refers to the establishment of priority between various existing liens or encumbrances on the same parcel of property.

A subordination agreement is a contract whereby a creditor agrees that the claims of specified senior creditors must be paid in full before any payment on a subordinate debt can be paid to the subordinate creditor.

A subordination clause in a mortgage is a provision that gives a subsequent mortgage priority over one that has been executed at an earlier date.

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n. allowing a debt or claim which has priority to take second position behind another debt, particularly a new loan. A property owner with a loan secured by the property who applies for another loan to make additions or repairs usually must get a subordination of the original loan so the new obligation is in first place. A declaration of homestead must always be subordinated to a loan. (See: subordination agreement)

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No political government can afford to lose the total and uninhibited subordination of the district SP.
But the colonial-era subordination of the legislature to the executive continued under the one party state (1969-1992).
The military spokesperson had added earlier the Army is a very disciplined and organized institution and 'if this discipline and subordination is not present in the Army, it would not be the best in the world'.
Based on the assumption that the higher the subordination, more vulnerable the woman will be to domestic violence, the question arises: how do we identify vulnerability to domestic violence against women, anticipating the problem before a violent situation, in the form of aggression and death, leads to the need for health services, ?
Linguists working in different sign languages explore means for generating complex syntactic structure, focusing on subordination, both means that sign language share with spoken languages and means unique to sign languages.
There are challenges in implementing the proposals for example how structural subordination may be achieved.
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This book, therefore, is a constructive extension of his earlier The Trinity and Subordination: The Doctrine of God and the Contemporary Gender Debate (2002), in which he argues against evangelical writers who claim that the Son's subordination to the Father warrants the structural subordination of women to men.
Later chapters consider how the law forms an integral part of women's economic and sexual subordination, as well parental rights and expectations, and confronting its biases.
Two years after the partnership granted the conservation easement, Sheek agreed to subordinate his deed of trust to the conservation easement but received no consideration for the subordination. On Dec.
ii) If H (z, [zeta]) [equivalent to] H(z) and f(z, [zeta]) [equivalent to] f(z), the strong subordination becomes the usual notion of subordination.