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To write underneath; to put a signature at the end of a printed or written instrument.

A subscribing witness is an individual who either sees the execution of a writing or hears its acknowledgment and signs his or her name as a witness upon the request of the executor of the agreement.

In relation to the law of corporations, a subscriber is one who has made an agreement to take a portion of the original issue of corporate stock.

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v. 1) to sign at the end of a document. The courts have been flexible in recognizing signatures elsewhere on a contract or will, on the theory that a document should be found valid if possible. 2) to order and agree to pay for an issue of stock, bonds, limited partnership interest, investment, or periodical magazine or newspaper.

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Al Ghanim called upon subscribers to register and update their data in order to avoid disconnection of their service, saying: "The licensees suspended the service for almost three million subscribers who were late in updating their information during the last phases of the campaign.
Because Subscriber Genetics is part of Infogroup Targeting Solutions' Marketing Genetics database, publishers can identify prospects by selecting individuals not only by their subscription history, but by their purchase of other products such as sporting equipment, housewares or clothing that may indicate subscription preferences.
The IPTV subscriber base in Spain has grown at a CAGR of ~% during the period 2005-2011 due to the introduction of bundled services together with an increase in the demand for services such as Video-On-Demand and time shifted services.
Our segment of the industry has had to sit by as the Tier I providers and even the larger independent providers have out-invested and slowly drawn our subscriber base away.
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Subscribers of the integrated digital network services stood at 35,236 at the end of June 2010 against 32,822 in 2009.
"Backed by real-time subscriber profiles, our subscriber data management platform allows operators to innovate and deliver new, targeted services that simplify the lives of their customers," said Paul Magelli, Head of Subscriber Data Management, Nokia Siemens Networks.
Smith told conference delegates that they use five ways to "assess whether their content is serving their subscribers' needs":
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