Subscription list

SUBSCRIPTION LIST. The names of persons who have agreed to take a newspaper, magazine or other publication, placed upon paper, is a subscription list.
     2. This is, an incident to a newspaper, and passes with the sale of the printing materials. 2 Watts, 111.

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I meant "Alicia" when I said "hear, hear"--and when I officially produced my subscription list, it was all aglow with the roseate hues of the marriage-license.
It was a four-page weekly, which sold for less than half a cent a copy; its regular subscription list was a quarter of a million, and it went to every crossroads post office in America.
You may have seen their names in a printed subscription list (perhaps more than one) in the possession of our esteemed friend Mr.
He had heard stories of robber chiefs who lured strangers into their strongholds and then held them prisoners while the public nervously dodged their anxious friends who had formed subscription lists to make up the ransom.
Its early circulation was aided by purchase of the subscription list of the Southern Review on that magazine's expiration in 1942.
To find out more and get on Monthly Review's subscription list in time for May's gala fortieth anniversary issue, send $22 to the Monthly Review Foundation, 122 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001.
To join a CPSC e-mail subscription list, please go to https://www.
By signing up with LaNeur you'll have chance to win coupons and be added to their subscription list to keep updated with all the latest news and reviews.
We've had some problems with the Writing Lab Newsletter's subscription list, and, as many of you recognized, two articles in the March issue were repeated in the April issue.
If feeds were stale and deleted from the OPML file, they would also be cut automatically from the subscription list.
The subscription list opens today at 10am and will close on March 21 at the latest, and earlier if demand is sufficiently high.
Hearst is selling only the subscription list, the nameplate and the names of the existing workers -- there is no 50 percent ownership in the Newspaper Agency (for, as Hearst CEO Frank Bennack told Chronicle reporters, there is no longer a Newspaper Agency).