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Of real worth and importance; of considerable value; valuable. Belonging to substance; actually existing; real; not seeming or imaginary; not illusive; solid; true; veritable.

The right to Freedom of Speech, for example, is a substantial right.

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The IRS has proposed regulations that would limit the circumstances in which a substantial risk of forfeiture arises for purposes of determining the amount that must be included in gross income when an employee is paid for his services with property.
Moreover, the MTC has not yet established the need or relevance of this information in light of the substantial variance among the states in defining income and factors in the apportionment formula as a result of case law, administrative rules, audit policy, etc.
The Special Committee also will consider the viability of the current "substantial equivalency" model and, if necessary, will work to develop modifications to improve mobility.
Following Arthur's criteria, it is clear that meeting the needs of the poor and the HIV infected in the less affluent countries would count as of substantial significance.
"If 4 percent of the voting power of the stock is owned by the president and the remaining stock is so diversely held by the public that the president, in effect, controls the corporation," says Hesch, "then the possibility of the corporation enforcing a restriction on the right to deferred compensation of the president is not substantial. Therefore, such rights are not subject to a substantial risk of forfeiture for the purpose of Section 409A."
While the reader only occasionally gains a glimpse of the individual worker behind the generalizations, Hirsch offers a substantial work of scholarship, loaded with insight into the amalgam of class, race, and gender that shaped late nineteenth and early twentieth century industrial relations.
The court held that the policy's definition of total disability meant the insured is eligible for benefits if she is "unable to perform the substantial and material duties of her own occupation in the usual and customary way with reasonable continuity." According to the Ninth Circuit, "California law requires courts to deviate from the explicit policy definition of total disability in the occupational policy context where it is necessary to offer protection to the insured when he is no longer able to carry out the substantial and material functions of his occupation."
However, the human and the majority of other interesting genomes contain a substantial amount of repetitive DNA (short [tens to thousands of nucleotides], nearly or completely identical sequences present in multiple [tens to thousands of] copies).
The program receiving recognition must show superior or substantial contributions in construction and demolition recycling.
The FCC's Standard of Review for "Substantial Service"
The facility must show substantial contributions to the C&D recycling industry.

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