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Barley's door, he was heard hoarsely muttering within, in a strain that rose and fell like wind, the following Refrain; in which I substitute good wishes for something quite the reverse.
components of a TV set which are designed to fail a few days after the guarantee period expires), or a new substitute good with better features is produced and makes the previous durable good obsolete (e.
It is difficult to substitute good experience when it comes to getting the most productivity out of a drill.
It's a question of saying you're going to substitute good stuff with conventional stuff, and already you' re 80 percent down the road to making green products.
Ken Richardson, Colin Mathison and Peter Boddy conspired to substitute Good Hand for Flockton Grey with the intention of defrauding bookmakers.
4) One natural variable to add to a demand function is the price of a substitute good, so in equation 4 we add the (log) real price of beef, denoted pb:
I suggest that we all look at the number and kind of meetings we call and avoid them whenever possible and instead, substitute good old-fashioned one-on-one communication.
vehicle manufacturers' desire to keep new car sales high by offering generous financial incentives, including cash back and zero-percent loans, created an artificial demand for new cars at the expense of used cars, a substitute good.
The second chapter is devoted to substitute goods for the plywood (OSB, particle board, fiberboard, MDF).
This duty implies that "the claimant cannot recover for loss caused by the defendant's breach of contract where the claimant could have avoided or minimised [sic] the loss by taking reasonable steps," such as buying substitute goods in the market.
The new method takes into account changes that occur when people substitute goods rising in price with less expensive products.