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SUBSTRACTION, French law. The act of taking something fraudulently; it is generally applied to the taking of the goods of the estate of a deceased person fraudulently. Vide Expilation.

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50> [much greater than]softsub(A,B) % This command returns the substraction of two neutrosophic matrices A and B ans = <0.
Droogenbroeck, "Vibe: A universal background substraction algorithm for video sequences," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol.
The trans in transcultural poetics, in other words, is about going global, not just in additive ways but in a coadunative combination replete with the peculiar modes of substraction and inwardness, where cultural specificities and exemplarities are honestly kept in play, where the Archimedean point and the panopticon are difficult to locate and achieve in such mondializations.
Development of predictable periapical lesion monitored by substraction radiography.
Dijital substraction anjiografide internal karotid arter baslangicinin hemen distalinde okluzyon gosterildi.
9) Bartleby's "I would prefer not to" entails subjective destitution, a radical substraction from every aspect of the Symbolic Order: "Today, 'I would prefer not to' is not primarily 'I would prefer not to participate in the market economy, in capitalist competition and profiteering,' but-much more problematically for some--'I would prefer not to give to charity to support a Black orphan in Africa, engage in the struggle to prevent oil-drilling in a wildlife swamp, send books to educate our liberal-feminist-spirited women in Afghanistan.
The neuroradiologist obtained these images at the hemodynamics room, with an ANGIOMAT 6000 unit, a General Electric digital injection system that renders images using digital substraction techniques.
where -j/k denote the interchange of indices j and k and substraction.
The idea behind the construction is that we encode both the input string and its reverse into the amplitudes of two of the states of the machine, and then perform a substraction between these amplitudes using the QFT [LSDF09].
This shows that the operational skills of our 13 - 14 students regarding addition and substraction are not yet really operational.
2](t) by substraction of responses coming from c(t) and -c(t) instead of addition in the case of the classical PI method [9].
Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: Evaluation with 64-detector row CT versus digital substraction angiography.