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SUBSTRACTION, French law. The act of taking something fraudulently; it is generally applied to the taking of the goods of the estate of a deceased person fraudulently. Vide Expilation.

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The machine was modified with a copper filter for iodine imaging, and a substraction imaging technique was used to visualize the contrast enhancement, Dr.
Its correlate is "abstraction" conceived of as substraction (of characters to produce a generic concept).
As basic problems we consider elementary change situations for addition and substraction, grouping problems for addition, equivalent set problems for multiplication and partitive and quotitive problems for division.
2) Includes a substraction for wage accruals less disbursements, not shown separately.
section] Percentages reflect substraction of NT values from the overall total of 361 isolates.
The average value of the radioactivity was converted (after substraction of the blanco values) in g equiv.
which is a dissolution of a Name truly written into his Letters, as his Elements, and a new connexion of it by artificiall transposition, without addition, substraction, or chang [sic] of any letter into different words, making some perfect sence appliable to the person named.
19 These value-added data by industry sector are derived by both the addition method and the substraction method.
intra-arterial digital substraction angiography, venography, coronary arteriography, left ventriculography and pediatric indications.
The existence of discrete energy levels means that the addition or substraction of even a single electron markedly alters a quantum dot's characteristics energy spectrum.
Future studies should attempt to replace these findings with other tasks--perhaps more difficult chained tasks, such as multidigit multiplication or substraction with borrowing.
Including how the spectra are produced, factors that can influence the spectra (all initial and final state effects are discussed), how to derive speciation, volume analysed and how one controls this (includes depth profiling), and quantification along with background substraction and curve fitting methodologies.