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Hence, unlike matters of inheritance, royal succession laws do not deal with the relationship between natural persons; instead royal succession rules establish a relationship between an office and an office-holder.
of Warwick, UK) details the demographics of England and Wales, the historical background and sources and instruments of family and succession law, the courts that adjudicate and administer the laws, and issues surrounding the person as a legal entity and the legal disposition of property among family members.
The scope of these provisions as they exist at present are reviewed elsewhere in this publication in the article entitled "Wills and Succession Law Amends Family Law".
Monaco changed its succession law in 2002 to allow power to pass from a reigning prince who has no descendants to his siblings.
Monaco changed its succession law in 2002, so that Albert can assume the throne even though he is unmarried with no children and has no descendants.
Congress passed the first presidential succession law in 1792.
Sherman outlined some of the issues he is pursuing, such as advocating the abolition of the penny and a succession law under which the third and fourth people in line for the presidency would reflect whichever political party is in power.
Property Passing, by will or by operation of state intestate succession law, from an individual to his or her heirs or other beneficiaries.
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Masako married Naruhito, now 53, in 1993 and gave birth to their first and only child, a girl, in late 2001 under intense pressure to bear a son in keeping with Japan's male-only royal succession law.