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Peter's succession law of 1722 replaced the customary practices of succession by primogeniture, supplemented or supplanted on occasion by designation of the heir's predecessor or election by members of the ecclesiastical and court elite.
Hence, unlike matters of inheritance, royal succession laws do not deal with the relationship between natural persons; instead royal succession rules establish a relationship between an office and an office-holder.
In order to solve New York's housing crisis, Meister called for an end to both historic districts and rent-protected succession laws.
If it is a girl, then new succession laws being brought in across the 16 Commonwealth realms would mean that it could no longer be overtaken by any future younger brothers.
They changed history when Commonwealth leaders agreed to alter British succession laws to ensure their baby would be next in line to the throne after William, regardless of its gender.
In 2011, New Zealand led a Commonwealth working group tasked with considering major changes to the royal succession laws, including allowing daughters to reign.
Confined to a miserly 2310-acre reserve following the Otakou Purchase, the people of Taieri found even their ownership of this land steadily eroded after 1868 as a result of legal titles awarded to individuals through the mechanism of the Native Land Court and succession laws which resulted in increasingly uneconomic land parcels with each passing generation.
After Kate and Wills' wedding last April Prime Minister David Cameron announced moves to change succession laws so their first child - whether a boy or a girl - would inherit the crown.
Dying without such a will can often result in severe difficulties to relatives both financially and emotionally, compounded by potential claims by Shari'ah heirs if local succession laws conflict with their succession rights under the Mawarith (Shari'ah laws of inheritance).
Citing reasons for making a 'will, he said its important as it provides benefit to only those persons to whom you wish to give benefit otherwise there are three succession laws in India that will be applicable in the absence of a 'will.