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Hawke wondered out loud what the succession order in the city's charter was if he did not make it.
But the long awaited promotion now settles the succession order in the NCP at a crucial juncture.
According to the AP, the appointment indicates a succession order in the royal family, after four years of speculation over who will be the next-in-line once current heir, Prince Sultan, becomes king.
But that seemingly dominant role could be a formality largely explained by his position as the country's top diplomat, rather than as a sign that he has surpassed Lage in the succession order.
Advocates of letting an emperor's first child ascend the throne say the other options could invite unexpected changes in the succession order, making it difficult to give the heir the proper education to become a reigning monarch.
New male imperial heir changes succession order, becomes 3rd in line
The following are diagrams showing the new succession order for the Japanese imperial family after the birth of a royal baby boy to Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko on Wednesday under the current succession law and if the Imperial House Law is revised to let an emperor's first child ascend to the throne.
The job rotates annually among the supervisors in reverse order of their districts' numbers, though the election for the open 4th District seat led the board to jigger the succession order for this winter.
An established succession order is already in place.
If a new male heir is born, the succession order under this option will be Crown Prince Naruhito, Prince Akishino, the prince's son and Princess Aiko.
Succession order to change if Princess Kiko gives birth to boy