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SUCCESSOR. One who follows or comes into the place of another.
     2. This term is applied more particularly to a sole corporation, or to any corporation. The word heir is more correctly applicable to a common person who takes an estate by descent. 12 Pick. R. 322; Co. Litt. 8 b.
     3. It is also used to designate a person who has been appointed or elected to some office, after another person.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said: 'When I eventually go, please go for a capable successor. Reject any candidate that will put Ijebuland into retrogression.
In order to revive, Congress must now expedite the process of selecting an able successor."
The successor is believed to have an ( upgraded camera setup at the back, this time with two lenses.
'I must say those who he believes could be the wholesome successor. He knows better...
The firm said that it is looking to name a successor to lead its USD450bn asset management business.
HMD Global may not have unveiled the Nokia 9 PureView yet, but it looks like the phone's successor has already been leaked.
"There is such notion as successor in Central Asia.
Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque has remained coy on his plan to run for senator in the 2019 midterm elections, but already, he has someone in mind as successor if he steps down to file his certificate of candidacy.
Successor liability is a concern in any acquisition.
JFC added that the investment advisory fee of the successor fund would be 0.90% per annum of the successor fund's managed gross assets;
"Succession in Small and Medium-Sized Family Businesses: Toward a Typology of Predecessor Roles During and After Instatement of the Successor." Family Business Review 20(2): 95-109.
Either the predecessor or the successor may audit and report on restatement adjustments for an SEC issuer, but not without certain circumstantial constraints.

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