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CHAMBER. A room in a house.
     2. It was formerly hold that no freehold estate could be had in a chamber, but it was afterwards ruled otherwise. When a chamber belongs to one person, and the rest of the house with the land is owned by another the two estates are considered as two separate but adjoining dwelling house's. Co. Litt. 48, b; Bro. Ab. Demand, 20; 4 Mass. 575; 6 N. H. Rep. 555; 9 Pick. R. 297; vide 3 Leon. 210; 3 Watts. R. 243.
     3. By chamber is also understood the place where an assembly is held; and, by the use of a figure, the assembly itself is called a chamber.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Relative velocity and streamline distributions on the plane of x = 0.16 m in the suction chamber are shown in Figure 11.
The pressure applied increases in the radial distribution, the lowest value being in the suction chamber (inlet chamber), and the highest in the discharge chamber (outlet chamber) [5].
At this moment, the pressure inside the suction chamber is high, so the pressure difference across the vane pushes the vane (and the piston) to move in the direction of reducing the volume of the discharge chamber.
The angle is measured across the suction chamber. Thus, at small crankshaft angles, which will be considered the beginning of the crankshaft revolution, the volume of the suction chamber is small.