sudden attack

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Startled beasts indicate that a sudden attack is coming.
His answer to this sudden attack was delightful to her mother's ear:
The associations of these letters had been made the more painful by that sudden attack of illness which she felt that the agitation caused by her anger might have helped to bring on: it would be time enough to read them when they were again thrust upon her, and she had had no inclination to fetch them from the library.
Gurth's countenance kindled ``Wamba,'' he said, ``thou hast a weapon, and thy heart was ever stronger than thy brain, we are only two but a sudden attack from men of resolution will do much follow me
At first I knew not what to think of this sudden attack, but I was soon reassured by seeing the Captain lie down beside me, and remain immovable.
Your father has had a sudden attack, and has not quite recovered his memory.
He was vaguely conscious of a sense of being treated unjustly, of there being a flaw in Claire's words somewhere if he could only find it, but the sudden attack had deprived him of the free and unfettered use of his powers of reasoning.
Already its cruel horns were coming straight for her, while she, white of face and bewildered by the sudden attack, was struggling to rise and draw her sword.
She absented herself as little as possible from Lady Bertram, kept away from the East room, and took no solitary walk in the shrubbery, in her caution to avoid any sudden attack.
Carfry--had been seized with a sudden attack of bronchitis; and Mrs.
Wherefore this sudden attack quite took him by surprise.
It was not entirely beyond the range of possibilities that the horsemen riding thus swiftly toward the camp might be friends of the prisoners bent upon the release of their kinsmen by a sudden attack.