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It was clear that the upper reaches of the Thames would not allow of the navigation of a boat sufficiently large to take the things we had set down as indispensable; so we tore the list up, and looked at one another!
"Nevertheless, the Place Maubert is sufficiently large!" interposed one of the clerks established on the window-sill.
Casaubon, showing that his views of the womanly nature were sufficiently large to include that requirement.
All the windows and doors had been taken away, and sufficiently large holes were conspicuous in the dilapidated roofs, but the surrounding land was laid out in fields that were highly cultivated, and the old garden spaces had been turned into meadows, watered by a system of irrigation as artfully contrived as that in use in Limousin.
The drama is naturally the most popular literary form in periods like the Elizabethan when the ability (or inclination) to read is not general, when men are dominated by the zest for action, and when cities have become sufficiently large to keep the theaters well filled.
Finally, however, a sufficiently large tract oœ ground was turned up, and sown with this new kind of seed; although half of the dragon's teeth still remained to be planted some other day.
But a report to committee said: "The current main building to the front of the site is of a permanent and substantial nature and appear to be sufficiently large enough to contain the new activities."
This approach needs to be based on shared responsibility involving a sufficiently large number of Member States" Finnish Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo said.
Earlier, Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan Sherzod Khodzhayev stated that the country plans to build a sufficiently large number of power lines to enhance integration in the region.
There are limits on how much the human face can change, breathing requires a sufficiently large nasal cavity.
Finally, by (9), (10) and (13), we have that [mathematical expression not reproducible], and the last three terms are all o(1) for sufficiently large k.
Among other considerations for the issuance of the title, the church must be a center of active and pastoral liturgy, have the appropriate size with a sufficiently large sanctuary, enjoy certain renown in the diocese and have historical value or have art of considerable value.