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We find it useful in diagnosing patients with overactive bladder, voiding disorders and significant residuals and those with occult SUI.
Images of harems, perversity, decadence, and despotism in Madama Sui evoke the Arabic and Ottoman Easts.
As with many other conditions, SUI benefits from early intervention, which can prevent disease progression.
Based on what I know about the correspondence, I surmise that Sui Sin Far sent a copy of this short story to Lummis with a letter, as was her frequent practice.
This finance will naturally be invested in Balochistan in case the proposed pipeline is linked with Sui gas transmission system at Dera Bugti.
There are several devices designed to control SUI by occluding the urethra or supporting the bladder neck.
As a result, in 1992, SUI made a change in the systems furniture line offered to customers and a new era began.
A federal law passed in 1972 permits nonprofits to opt out of paying SUI taxes and reimburse the state only for actual unemployment benefits paid.
At fifteen Sui leaves home and becomes a prostitute.
At present, the Sui Field Gas Compressor Station stands tall and works at 99.
ISLAMABAD -- The central and Balochistan governments have differed over the grant of fresh development and production lease for Sui field as being the producing province the latter wants a share in the field as well as allocation of gas.
The cure rate of UUI after total pelvic reconstruction (80% [16/20]) was higher than that of SUI (50.