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SUITOR. One who is a party to a suit or action in court. One who is a party to an action. In its ancient sense, suitor meant one Who was bound to attend the county court, also, one who formed part of the secta. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She said as the suitor institute her eye was caught by the strength IHSS possessed.
Attock District Police Officer (DPO) Ibadat Nisar said that an initial probe had revealed that Shah had a job driving a private car.The family received a marriage proposal for Komal but Asif allegedly did not want his elder daughter to get married to the suitor in question.
The actress revealed that even though she shut the door to suitors, she considers Chinese businessman Anthony Ng an 'exemption' to her strict rule.
As usual, it isn't just the suitor finding lust and love.
Though her lover is a suitor, a young man pursuing marriage, the king will be blind to his manhood, his ability to unite with a woman and engender their offspring.
However, Iran does have a history of spurned suitors getting violent, most famously throwing acid on the women who spurned them.
Q We are an independent creative shop currently being circled by potential suitors. Are there any proven benefits to being part of a larger marketing group outside of the financial payouts for those lucky enough to have stakes in the busi- ness?
After concluding its due diligence on the target, the suitor said it had confirmed the price of a possible offer to Andor's board.
The actor, who is on a hunt to find Mr Right through the show, never tires of unearthing innovative but at the same time gimmicky ways to select the right suitor.
The due diligence review provides the suitor with comfort regarding the decision it has made to buy the company and the price it has offered to pay.
To prepare for a suitor's evaluation, there are a handful of things a company can do ahead of time to make the investment attractive and also maximize the potential investment.
The bank could then choose a preferred suitor to start exclusive talks or add a third round to the auction, two of the sources said.