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"I like to think I'm not a sulker or a moper," Jones said.
The Dutch parent company, a unit of the Cebeco-Handelsraad agriculture cooperative and Sulker Unie, is known as much more than a french fry supplier in the EU.
JONJO Shelvey believes he has "grown up" during his time at Newcastle United - and no longer warrants a reputation as a "sulker".
"I probably have a bit of a reputation about being a sulker and having a bad attitude, and, if I'm honest with you, then probably three or four years ago I probably would have sulked and thrown my toys out the pram," Shelvey told NUFCTV about his decision to ask to play for the Under-23s in March.
IAN RUSH has branded Anfield striker Daniel Sturridge a sulker - and urged him to get behind Liverpool's title bid.
"People think he's a sulker but in his mind, he is giving everything for the team.
If I don't smile, I'm a rich sulker that doesn't enjoy having the most beautiful job in the world," he added.
CHELSEA threw a title party yesterday - but only after serial sulker Didier Drogba had thrown yet another strop.
Many may question exactly what benefit there is in him propagating the widely held view that his core brand values are as a oft-injured sulker weighed down with the collective baggage of nine clubs ion nine years and with an apparent and uncanny ability to cause a row in an empty changing room.
"I would like to think I am not a sulker or a moper.
"She used to be a bit of a sulker but has made massive strides and has become a very willing physical worker.