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SULTAN. The title of the Turkish sovereign and other Mahometan princes.

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If Erdogan's AK Party hopes to avoid a similar fate, it must not continue its march toward a latter-day Sultanic order.
He was well aware of essential differences between ordinary waqfs and Sultanic waqfs both in terms of administration and audit.
Modern "extensions" of these Sultanic regimes, Safi said, combined these two distinct spheres under one ruler, ending a system where consent by civil society was usually required for a leader to rule.
Ahmed Efendi notes that the sultan ordered a lofty mosque (grand sultanic mosque) to be built in this location because it was an honorable esteemed site close to the tradesmen, merchants, and artisans, and that it would be convenient for the Muslim community to come for prayers (6).
These led in turn to dissimilar outcomes: a decentralized Ottoman Empire with limited sultanic authority; and a more centralized, autocratic Russia, whose government had far greater control over resources and means of organized violence than its Ottoman counterpart.
Rhoads Murphey, in his Exploring Ottoman Sovereignty (Continuum, 2008), gets behind the norms that were once considered to reflect reality; he examines how sultanic power was manifested and reinvented across the centuries, striving to view each sultan as'a man in full'.
Although this particular volume was not printed by the Sultanic Press of Zanzibar, many others were, thus establishing a corpus of Ibadi scholarly literature underpinning the Bu Sacidi state.
Sultanic scribes noted that the imperial kitchens daily served some 370 pounds of almonds washed down with 63 gallons of musk-scented rose water,.
Older members of the Sultanic family dominated him through his youth and into his early manhood.
See also Peters, supra note 47 at 152-53 (noting existence of at least 32 sultanic orders by the sixteenth century directing judges to give judgment based on non-authoritative opinions within the Hanafi madhhab).
At the same time, he enrolled in the Sultanic Artistic College and studied business administration.
For some independent analysts, Morocco's gradual transformation from sultanic authoritarianism to benign autocracy to illiberal democracy testifies to the country's serious commitment to pluralistic politics, however incomplete or inchoate.