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Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania

My child got a non-traffic citation summons for being under age 21 and drinking. The citation contains only her name and college address. 1. Is this information an adequate basis on which to issue her a citation summons? She neither lives or goes to school in PA. The citation was delivered by first class mail. 2. Is this a proper method of delivery? She was not read her Miranda rights before being questioned about how many beers she drank and breathalyses. 3. Was this legal? The citation says minimum fines OK. Yet she was fined the maximum for a first time offense--$300-- according to PA CRIMES CODE 6308 (TITLE 18) 4. Given the above circumstances, how does one decide to plead guilty or not guilty in response to the citation summons?


It is adequate yes--and should be responded to.
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