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SUNDAY. The first day of the week.
     2. In some of the New England states it begins at sun setting on Saturday, and ends at the same time the next day. But in other parts of the United States, it generally commences at twelve o'clock on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and ends in twenty-four hours thereafter. 6, Gill. & John. 268; and vide Bac. Ab. Heresy, &c. D; Id. Sheriff, N 4; 1 Salk. 78; 1 Sell. Pr. 12; Hamm. N. P. 140. The Sabbath, the Lord's Day, and Sunday, all mean the same thing. 6 Gill. & John. 268; see 6 Watts, 231; 3 Watts, 56, 59.
     2. In some states, owing to statutory provisions, contracts made on Sunday are void; 6 Watts, R. 231; Leigh, N. P. 14; 1 P. A. Browne, 171; 5 B. & C. 406; 4 Bing. 84; but in general they are binding, although made on that day, if good in other respects. 1 Crompt. & Jervis, 130; 3 Law Intell. 210; Chit. on Bills, 59; Wright's R. 764;,10 Mass. 312 1 Cowen, R. 76, n.; Cowp. 640; 1 Bl. Rep. 499; 1 Str. 702; see 8 Cowen, R. 27; 6 Penn. St. R. 417, 420.
     4. Sundays are computed in the time allowed for the performance of an act, but if the last day happen to be a Sunday, it is to be excluded, and the act must in general be performed on Saturday; 3 Penna. R. 201; 3 Chit. Pr. 110; promissory notes and bills of exchange, when they fall due on Sunday, are generally paid on Saturday. See, as to the origin of keeping Sunday as a holiday, Neale's F. & F. Index, Lord's day; Story on Pr. Notes, Sec. 220; Story on Bills, Sec. 233; 2 Hill's N. Y. Rep. 587; 2 Applet. R. 264.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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