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Significantly, all those who have reported sun stroke are workers who came to the hospital from construction sites," said chief of medical staff Dr Mohammed Amin Awadhi.
The CDD added that sun stroke is a serious medical emergency and requires immediate treatment to prevent death, noting that the department had dealt with 62 hyperthermia-related cases since the beginning of the current year.
I know that I am hallucinating, because of a sun stroke, but I found this worth telling the reader and please the Arab reader with some football-related cheating.
But 2,955 people had been treated by the festival medical team by Sunday afternoon, most of them for sun stroke.
The next day Chelsea was unable to get out of bed, suffering from a combination of a hangover and sun stroke.
Hot weather gripped the city of Larkana and upper parts of Sindh including Sukkar, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Shahdadkot, the schools in Larkana are observing summer vacations before time due to the scorching weather as the doctors advised the parents to keep the children indoors to prevent them from sun stroke.
Though the dog show was a hit with the dog lovers and other excited audience, the show was marred by the death of four dogs, - two Neo dogs, an Irish Setter and a Rotowieler, due to sun stroke.
Obviously, it is best to wear a hat and drink lots of mineral water to minimise your risk of sun stroke.
Remember, now, we are ruminating about scientific books, couched in medical terms on the X's and O's of sun stroke, lower back pain, head concussions, dementia, and athlete's foot.
As well as staying hydrated, avoiding sun stroke and enjoying yourself, safety is optimum.
Meanwhile Alec Stewart has been struck down by a stomach bug and new boy Rikki Clarke has suffered from sun stroke.
A woman apparently suffered a minor case of sun stroke, and course officials delayed play for 10 minutes while they assisted the woman away from the green.