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To the Customer: This voucher can be used as part payment for the SUNDAY PEOPLE. It may only be redeemed on Sunday, January 14, 2018 and is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.
That loyalty was clear when we printed an early edition of the Sunday People on Christmas Eve and so many of you rushed out to buy it.
Those arrested under the Metropolitan Police's Operation Weeting, its probe into phone hacking allegations, were James Scott, the Sunday People's current editor, Tina Weaver, the former Sunday Mirror's editor, Nick Buckley, deputy Sunday People editor, and Mark Thomas, also a former deputy editor of the paper and who previously worked for the Sunday Mirror.
Journalists from the Sunday People said they took a four-inch dagger, a razor-sharp stiletto knife and a miniature cleaver onto the Boeing 737 plane at Gatwick bound for Manchester.
The Sunday People yesterday revealed it had been banned from publishing details of a married footballer's alleged infidelities in a legal decision which has been slammed by media commentators.
But the Sunday People published the report about the footballer's alleged two affairs, although it did not reveal the names of those involved.
Cards must reveal three identical cash sums in order to win the amount shown and will only be eligible if those cash prizes match the boxed numbers printed in The Mirror and Sunday Mirror or Sunday People.
AS the nation gears up for the most important election in a generation we want Sunday People readers to have their say.
Numbers will be sent for the game being played in the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People at the time of the request only.
29 was published with her father's permission by the ( Sunday People newspaper in London on Sunday.
Winners must agree to the publication of their names and photographs in The Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.
But the only constituency that matters to the Sunday People is our family of readers.