Sunshine Laws

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Sunshine Laws

Statutes that mandate that meetings of governmental agencies and departments be open to the public at large.

Through sunshine laws, administrative agencies are required to do their work in public, and as a result, the process is sometimes called "government in the sunshine." A law that requires open meetings ordinarily specifies the only instances when a meeting can be closed to the public and mandates that certain procedures be followed before a particular meeting is closed. The Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.A. § 552) requires agencies to share information they have obtained with the public. Exceptions are permitted, in general, in the interest of national security or to safeguard the privacy of businesses.


Administrative Agency; Administrative Law and Procedure.

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lawmakers draft and revise sunshine laws; for example, the Court of
(26) The Sunshine Law is well known to most Floridians, perhaps as a result of its uniquely apropos name, and it remains a benchmark for other states' open government laws.
To avoid these penalties and costs, manufacturers should consider proactive steps to comply with all applicable Sunshine laws. For example, manufacturers should:
That process can almost be automated under a Sunshine Law.
The Sunshine Law applies to all public records, "whether written or electronically stored." Mo.
Sitting on the city task force writing the final draft of the Sunshine law is Susan Goldberg, the Mercury News' executive editor and vice president.
In one of several essays in this issue addressing relations between unions and school boards, George Mitchell and Howard Fuller ("A Culture of Complaint," page 18) propose that bargaining be subject to the same sunshine laws that apply to other public business.
The plaintiffs' attorneys say Republican members of the House Judiciary committee, along with Husted and Seitz, worked on the legislation in a private meeting that violated Ohio's "sunshine laws." Husted's office and Seitz have both said the lawsuits lack substance.
Bowles has officially taken over the reins for the university system, bringing what Woodin says is a "philosophy that open government is good government." After a meeting, Woodin said Bowles had "pledged to obey the letter and the spirit of our state's sunshine laws."
A careful look at sunshine laws and open processes might result in much stronger candidates for many presidencies, according to Ross's Ch.
For example, Florida's Sunshine Laws grant Floridians the right to request copies of all public records, including e-mail, and receive them in a timely manner.

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