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COSS is based on the hypothesis that surgical anastomosis of the superficial temporal artery to the middle cerebral artery, when added to the best medical therapy, can reduce subsequent ipsilateral ischemic stroke by 40% at 2 years' follow-up in this highly select patient population, despite perioperative stroke and death.
Description of Dog Bite Injuries Anatomical area of injury N Lacerations/Avulsions Cheek 16 Lip 15 Ear 8 Forehead 7 Scalp 5 Eyelid 5 Nose 4 Neck 4 Other, Limbs 8 Ductal/Neurovascular Injuries Facial nerve 5 Lacrimal duct 3 Superficial Temporal Artery 2 Fractures Skull 1 Orbit 1 Nasal 2 Table 3.
Ahmed and Kolhe used a double-layer superficial temporal artery fascia flap, made up of the temporoparietal fascia and the fascia over the temporalis muscle, for the prevention of Frey's syndrome and contour defect.

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