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Tran, "Gluteal compartment syndrome and superior gluteal artery injury as a result of simple hip dislocation: a case report," The Iowa Orthopaedic Journal, vol.
sup][5] introduced the superior gluteal artery perforator (SGAP) flap for covering sacral pressure sores.
An arterial bleed from a distal branch of the right superior gluteal artery was found and subsequently coiled and embolized (Fig.
This corresponds to the emergence of the superior gluteal artery from the upper part of the greater sciatic foramen.
Superior gluteal artery laceration as a complication of iliac crest bone graft surgery was first described by Kahn (3) in 1978.
Among its branches, there are the superior gluteal artery, the inferior gluteal artery and the internal pudendal artery that go out from the pelvis through the greater ischiatic foramen to the gluteal region (Moore & Dalley, 2004).
Deo, "Acute gluteal compartment syndrome: superior gluteal artery rupture following a low energy injury," BMJ Case Reports, 2012.

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