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He kept up in war the same idea of mysterious and supernatural power. At one time, when pursuing a war party by their tracks across the prairies, he repeatedly discharged his rifle into the prints made by their feet and by the hoofs of their horses, assuring his followers that he would thereby cripple the fugitives, so that they would easily be overtaken.
According to one definition: 'Witchcraft is an art of using supernatural powers by those having inherent mystical powers to gain desired results.
Faced with overwhelming odds, he enters into a dangerous bargain to gain supernatural powers so he can drive off his enemies - but the deal could cost him his humanity as he transforms into a terrifying monster.
Elden Ring is described as an open-world experience where the gamers can explore various kingdoms and kill the rulers to unlock their abilities or supernatural powers. The game is expected to arrive for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.
Amy embodies the character of Tamira, a woman who has supernatural powers and works as a journalist in a magazine.
Nashoba ("Nash") is a trucker with supernatural powers, including the ability to see ghosts.
Robert Knapp describes an ancient world in which ordinary people, both Jews and polytheists, sought good relationships with the many supernatural powers that surrounded them, so that they might navigate successfully the vicissitudes of life.
Neflix has begun filming 'Jinn,' a six-episode series, about a group of young Arabs who encounter the supernatural powers of a jinn, or genie, in the ancient city of Petra.
Actually what happens is that for many people, illness or bad luck means a visit to a godman, a religious ascetic thought to have supernatural powers. There are over five million godmen and godwomen in India wandering streets and holy sites throughout the country, by some estimates, each offering advice for common problems and cures for health ailments.
Adlan said bomohs still easily persuade their victims through trickery, convincing many that they possessed supernatural powers to cure illnesses.
It's about a seamstress who claims to have supernatural powers. It's got a similar feel to The Silent Companions.
Owl is a convincing protagonist, with believable feelings, not least anger: towards her mother, towards Mallory, towards Alberic and towards her wayward father, who for all his supernatural powers behaves in dangerous and annoyingly childish ways.