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It develops 231bhp, up from 193bhp for the 2.8-litre, but only as long as you use 98 octane "superplus" unleaded petrol.
Wednesday's price rise came on top of the 14p a gallon duty increase for superplus unleaded petrol on Monday.
super and superplus absorbencies in 20-count packages, the tampons have
Metway SuperPlus allows you the freedom to follow any career path you choose--including motherhood--without penalties."
To celebrate Autism Awareness Month in April, Superplus is offering SuperSpeak--an app that facilitates communication between kids with special needs and their parents, caregivers and therapists.
SuperPlus saw blades from Gladu feature sandblasted rims, tipping with unique triple chip-flat-tooth TO cutting edge, which has a cutting face that is ground to a mirror finish according to the company.