Supplemental bill

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SUPPLEMENTAL BILL, equity plead. A bill already filed to supply some defect in the original bill. See Bill supplemental.

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plans to mark up a domestic supplemental bill in the near future.
In May 2007, for instance, President Bush signed into law the biggest supplemental bill in history, $120 billion, to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and pay for hurricane recovery and agriculture-disaster relief at home.
With the failure of DeFazio's bill, the last-chance infusion of federal funds for Lane and 600 other rural, forested counties in 42 states now hangs by a single tenuous thread, in an emergency supplemental bill in the U.
48) For example, an $82 billion emergency supplemental bill in 2005 included $5 billion for modularizing brigades, a program that was publicly announced in 2003.
When she voted in May against a war supplemental bill that did not include a timetable for withdrawal, Clinton completed a repositioning of herself away from a more hawkish stance she initiated in October 2002, when she voted to allow troops to be sent to Iraq.
The Emergency Supplemental bill also included substantial funding to help cover last year's large and expensive wildfire season: $370 million for the U.
WASHINGTON -- About $30 million in additional relief for hurricane-affected colleges and universities remained in limbo after President Bush vetoed a comprehensive emergency supplemental bill because of deadlines for pulling troops out of Iraq.
On April 16, President Bush, citing the need to increase ongoing government support of domestic security efforts, signed a Supplemental Bill authorizing, among other things, $2.
NEW YORK & LONDON -- World Gold Council welcomes the news that the US Congress has passed the Military Supplemental Bill thereby finalising the process allowing the IMF to sell 403.
House budget writers intend to add $433 million to the current two-year budget with a supplemental bill laid out Thursday, though a plan to repurpose millions in leftover funds from various health care programs drew sharp questions from Democrats.
Nord and Brathwaite submitted, inter alia, an attorney's affirmation; copies of the summons and complaint and amended complaint; defendants' answers and amended answers; plaintiffs' bill of particulars and supplemental bill of particulars as to each defendant; medical records from Strong Memorial Hospital and Stony Brook Hospital; office records of Dr.
WASHINGTON, May 29 -- The US Senate has passed $349 million in economic and security aid for Pakistan, as part of a $60 billion war supplemental bill to fund Afghan operations and some other projects requested by the Obama administration.

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