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By exercising the control of law constitutionality, the Constitutional Court emits decisions that can be registered, according to the specialised authors, in two categories: interpretative jurisprudence and suppletive jurisprudence (Danisor, 2003: 124).
We have said that -be is a suppletive form of the perfective marker that occurs only in the negative.
Suppletive Seinsverben aus jungerer Zeit finden wir auch in einigen romanischen Sprachen, in denen das lateinische Seinsverb esse und stare 'stehen' mehr oder weniger miteinander verschmolzen sind, z.
This is because even within the deep interior of consciousness and its preconscious flanking territory, and maybe especially there, the processes of mental and emotional activity are structured like language, just as is the interior silence between bouts of notional utterance; and since language characterizes and composes the person, and alternative or suppletive extra presence is likely to be construed as a personalized agency, to be recognized as a presence in person form.
For some very frequent nouns referring to people, Kalkoti suppletive or derivational (rather than inflectional) forms somehow make up for the "lost" morphological distinctions (see Table 16).
21) More specifically, they are suppletive in the third person plural of the medio-passive indicative perfect and pluperfect of verbs with consonant-final roots verbs, and the medio-passive subjunctive and optative perfect.
To the extent that the inflectional paradigm provides a similar, though stronger, more grammaticalized matrix for a suppletive stem, it is perhaps not inappropriate to talk of suppletion of a base of a derived form as analogous to suppletion of the stem of an inflected form.
The formal similarity between the pair mi/mini and the oblique forms of the Latin first person pronoun would have favored such a reanalysis at a time when the local population was switching to the suppletive pattern of Latin ego versus the oblique m-initial forms.
Thus the suppletive verb here is more likely to be [?
In order to determine the content of the contract and therefore the extent of the obligations assumed by the parties is often necessary that stipulations of the contract provisions to be completed with the help of a suppletive system of positive law.
Dans ce cadre, il est important de souligner le role tres important qu'a la Procuraduria General de la Nacion (ombudsman) avec sa fonction preventive de protection des droits et avec celle suppletive de sanction disciplinaire.