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When a client presents valid user credentials, the authentication server sends an "accepted" message to the authenticator which then grants network access to the supplicant.
But surely within the 800 or so potions used in the ceremonies, some mix will give supplicants a nice buzz--after all, there's lots of money on the table.
If allowed to invest their own funds in market investments, instead of being turned into supplicants of the state, young people could expect to receive at least triple the benefits promised by Social Security today.
2% in the prior survey conducted two years ago, when it was also at the top of the list of supplicants.
Smiling his crinkly smile, treating his supplicants like the big shots they weren't, Reagan appeared in grip-and-grin photos from the Cascade Mountains to the Sonoran Desert.
For Putin, it's important that Russia stands up from its knees and becomes a full-fledged World Bank member, not as supplicants but as members of the global finance community", Trenin says.
1) Real-estate mogul Donald Trump puts his supplicants, er, applicants through their paces for a dream job on NBC's ``The Apprentice.
The graces inventoried as they apply to German supplicants fall under these categories: De matrimonialibus (Concerning Marriages), De diversis formis (Concerning Different Forms--a catchall category), De declaratoriis (absolution for offenses reserved to the Holy.
I remind bully-boy Brown and his trade union supplicants that you cannot abuse and tax industry to the limits and still expect it to perform: industry needs investment.
Secret passageways, clanging bells, hooded monks, stained glass windows, poverty-stricken supplicants, chill weather, and revelations of dark happenings provide the colorful backdrop to an absorbing mystery.
Schafer is a true leader and his followers are legion, but of the more than 1,000 supplicants who sat through the four performances by Soundstreams Canada on the floor of the old Toronto Stock Exchange trading room, the conversions will be shallow and few.
The room in the Longworth Office Building is so huge because usually it's overflowing with supplicants for tax breaks in the continual epic writing of the Internal Revenue Code.