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As a verb, furnishing funds or means for maintenance; to maintain; to provide for; to enable to continue; to carry on. To provide a means of livelihood. To vindicate, to maintain, to defend, to uphold with aid or countenance.

As a noun, that which furnishes a livelihood; a source or means of living; subsistence, sustenance, maintenance, or living.

Support includes all sources of living that enable a person to live in a degree of comfort suitable and befitting her station in life. Support encompasses housing, food, clothing, health, nursing, and medical needs, along with adequate recreation expenses. Most states impose a legal duty on an individual to support his or her spouse and children.


Child Support.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

SUPPORT. The right of support is an easement which one man, either by contract or prescription, enjoys, to rest the joists or timbers of his house upon the wall of an adjoining building, owned by another person. 3 Kent, Com. 435. Vide Lois des Bat. part. 1, c. 3, s. a. 1, Sec. T; Party wall.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Support levels for these eight proposals reached an average of 27% of "for" votes, and resulted in two successful proposals, submitted to Cognex Corporation and Hudson Pacific Properties.
"To that end we will remain firmly focused on growing our power brands around the world behind innovation, strong support levels and improving market execution.
Of course, in the mind of a prospective franchisee, what would be the point of selecting a minimal support level if you had to pay the same franchise fee as someone with maximum support?
The drop below its current range marks the first time since 2009 that investors failed to buy at the support level, said Stellakis, who started Technical Alpha in February 2010 after working as a strategist and trader at Touradji Capital Management LP and Millennium Partners.
Considering having broken through the main support levels there also is a possibility of further downward motion of the market.
Mark McCutcheon, head of dealing at stockbroker Gerrard, said: 'We have been going through support levels on a fairly regular basis.
GAAP, also compares the structures and process of the IASC and the FASB, and it identifies the differences between the purposes, mandates, technical support levels and underlying philosophies of the two organizations.
For the coming week, the big support levels based on prior pivot lows are at the 1450 area and then at the 1430 area.
He said the index has support levels between 2,720 and 2,550.
Local stockbrokerage Papa Securities said the index had gone down sharply after breaching the key support levels at 8,300 and 8,260 levels, and the next major support would be at 8,050.
The USD/JPY pivot point is 101.94, with resistance levels at 101.98, 102.03 and 102.08; and support levels at 101.89, 101.85 and 101.80.
Red flags, including ugliness in the junk bond market, options activity and the ease with which support levels have been broken suggest more selling ahead.

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