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COURT, SUPREME. Supreme court is the name of a court having jurisdiction over all other courts Vide Courts of the United States.

SUPREME. That which is superior to all other things; as the supreme power of the state, which is an authority over all others. The supreme court, which is superior to all other courts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Supreme Court unanimously reversed the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, holding that back wages are subject to payroll (FICA and FUTA) taxes in the year paid-instead of the year that those wages should have been paid.
Supreme Court rulings reflect that a private group's right to freedom of association overrides a state's interest in preventing discrimination.
On a historical basis, antitrust cases went straight from the trial court to the Supreme Court up until 1975, but since that date appeals to the intervening Court of Appeals have been permitted.
Supreme Court rulings on the Commerce Clause, the evidence clearly demonstrated the Alabama foreign franchise tax was discriminatory in assessing a greater burden on the plaintiffs simply because they were incorporated in a state other than Alabama.
Each candidate will present their vision for the Supreme Court in public, Judicial Council head Lenka Prazenkova told TASR.Candidates' chancesGiven the number of judges who recommended each candidate, it can be said who may have the highest chances to succeed, TASR wrote.
What people didn't know at the time is that the Supreme brand that Samsung partnered with isn't the same one that's based in New York despite having a similar logo.
'The Supreme Court is the one which interprets the law, not us.
Justice retired Khawaja Naveed said Supreme Court in its decision with majority has declared that Mian Nawaz Sharif will continue to discharge his duties as Prime Minister.
He stated that the Supreme Court Bar Association is of the view that it deemed necessary, the strength of the permanent Supreme Court judges should be increased and judges appointed directly from the High Courts and the Bar.
Supreme: A W Davies, Pwllheli, Reserve: A W Davies, Pwllheli.
Citing cases in which state supreme courts reject interpretations of the US Supreme Court and expand state constitutional rights, Denniston argues that state supreme courts are engaged in an ongoing, interstate dialogue about state constitutional rights with their sister state supreme courts.