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COURT, SUPREME. Supreme court is the name of a court having jurisdiction over all other courts Vide Courts of the United States.

SUPREME. That which is superior to all other things; as the supreme power of the state, which is an authority over all others. The supreme court, which is superior to all other courts.

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Among that minority is Supreme Beings of Leisure, a duo consisting of singer/lyricist Geri Soriano-Lightwood and keyboardist/programmer Ramin Sakurai.
Palm is now home to Local H Zero 7, Cousteau, Seven Channels, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Baaba Maal, Skindive, nortec collective, Lisa Roxanne, Gigi, The Mad Capsule Markets, Mocean Worker, Dieselboy, Bill Laswell's AXIOM Label, Bruno Guez's QUANGO Label, and Steve Lillywhite's GOBSTOPPER Label, among others.
Supreme Beings of Leisure/`'Supreme Beings of Leisure'' (Palm)
Palm is now home to artists like Zero 7, Cousteau, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Local H, Nortec Collective, The Mad Capsule Markets and 1 Giant Leap.
Upcoming CD/DVD releases from Palm artists include new offerings from: Supreme Beings of Leisure and The Mad Capsule Markets.
The music, "Never the Same Girl Twice," features the English band, the Supreme Beings of Leisure.

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