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SUR. A French word which signifies upon, on. It is very frequently used in connexion with other words as, sur rule to take deposition, sur trover and conversion, and the like.

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L'epreuve n5 du CSI 3*W a ete remportee par le Marocain El Ghali Boukkaa sur
Temperature maximale variant entre 08 et 12 degres sur les reliefs, entre 13 et 17 degres sur l'Oriental, entre 15 et 20 degres sur le nord-ouest, entre 18 et 23 degres sur le centre et le sud-est et entre 22 et 27 degres sur les provinces sud.
Tournez a gauche sur le boulevard AlexandreTache vers la rue Montcalm.
People who would like to contribute can call Del Sur School at (661) 942-0488.
Kathy Tierney, the Chief Executive Officer of Sur La Table, said, "New York City has consistently had one of the most exciting food scenes in the country and we are thrilled to become an important part of it, said.
Pero, durante los cinco ultimos anos hemos visto una tendencia creciente hacia la compra de casas unifamiliares, ya que muchas familias latinas se estan mudando al sur de la Florida.
In sur le cou-de-pied back we naturally don't have an ankle to wrap the foot around and yet, because the action is the same, the foot should have the same shape.
Un 32 aout sur terre's opening sequence alternates shots of its heroine framed by country fields and pristine skies with images of her hemmed in by electric power transformers, clutters of garish commercial buildings and noisy traffic.
The Post family tradition in Big Sur and environs extends back to the mid-1800s, when William B.
We're proud to have Telefonica del Sur as they join a larger population of Redback customers in Latin America.
1- Tip Top Dupadoueng : Il vient de se racheter a sa derniere sortie en terminant cinquieme sur 2200m.