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Anant: I would say in the form-factors we are currently really focussed on, clearly the Surface line of products which has Surface Hub, the Surface Studio, the Surface Book and the Surface Pros, we have a lot of capabilities across those devices, and we are continuing the focus on those form-factors.
Unlike the Surface Studio, the Dell Canvas is designed to lay flat in front of an existing conventional display, but integrates a riser that will flip it up by 10 degrees.
A standout feature of the Surface Studio is a flexible hinge that allows the desktop to fold down nearly flat, (which artists, architects, and other creative would appreciate).
Microsoft is threatening Mac's dominance with its first attempt at an all-in-one PC, the Surface Studio.
com Microsoft Surface Studio Also announced alongside the Creator's Update was the Surface Studio, which Microsoft is dubbing as an entirely new class of device.
The Surface Dial SURFACE STUDIO THE Surface Studio was the biggest announcement at the event - literally.
The Surface Studio is the first-ever desktop PC under the Surface product line.
It's an answer to Microsoft's Surface Studio and sports Intel's new octa and deca core Xeon processors.
Just in time for the back-to-school shopping season, the new Surface Plus program essentially allows consumers to take home a Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book or the Surface Studio all-in-PC today and pay for it using a 24 monthly installment plan at zero percent interest.
The Surface Pro takes the immersive experience of creating on Surface Studio and brings it to life in a highly portable form factor.
tv/shows/windows-weekly/episodes/510) Windows Weekly session that Microsoft could be introducing a new breed of clamshell devices that still focuses on the Creatives like the Surface Studio and the Surface Book.

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