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US-based medical technology company Bluegrass Vascular Technologies has received CE Mark approval and is launching limited commercial sale of its Surfacer Inside-Out Access Catheter System, the company said.
1 VOC (volatile organic compound) Urethane Surfacer to the Delfleet Evolution product line.
and edited further with Surfacer, software from the Imageware division of Structural Dynamics Research Corp.
An electrodeposited (ED) coat, a surfacer coat, a base coat, and a clear coat were, in turn, laminated on a steel plate.
The prospective single-center feasibility study will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the Surfacer in up to 10 patients with upper extremity venous occlusion (or blockage in the vein).
Thinner Compatible For Unsaturated Polyster Base Knifing Putty Pu Surfacer And Pu Full Gloss Enamel Finishing Paint Specn.
Historically, automotive coating systems consisted of some sort of metal pretreatment, an alkyd or polyester primer, a primer surfacer, and a monocoat type topcoat--three organic coatings, three bakes.
The new primer surfacer offers outstand-ing film build, fast dry-to-sand times and excellent resistance to film shrinkage.
A four-match unbeaten run has lifted Busst's men out of the bottom four and Ball, who works as road surfacer, reckons they are on the right road.
This two-coat product for new drywall features a high-build surfacer that masks minor drywall imperfections for a smooth, even finish, to reduce callbacks.
The software that permits the comparison of the laser scan data to an existing surface is Surfacer, a surface-modeling program from the Imageware division of SDRC.