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SURRENDEREE. One to whom a surrender has been made.

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50 lakh to be kept in a bank in the name of surrenderee as fixed deposit for a period of three years.
The Government of India will provide 100 percent reimbursement of expenditure incurred by the LWE affected States on rehabilitation of surrenderees in this policy," he added.
He further said that this is a big opportunity for drug surrenderee like him and similar others to get out from the dark past which ruined their lives after engaging in the use of drugs.
Christopher Co, 42, was sitting in front of the barangay hall with fellow drug surrenderees in Caloocan Sur, Binmaley, Pangasinan when motorcycle-riding men shot him several times.
The PNP or the ADACs may also facilitate the enrollment of the surrenderee should they wish to undergo rehabilitation.
Ao said their information was based on the accounts of three arrested Maute members and a surrenderee.
A drug surrenderee was shot dead by two unidentified gunmen Tuesday afternoon in this city, police said.
Armamento said the illegal activities were tipped off by former drug users and surrenderees who have been active in the drug campaign.
He said the rebel surrenderees yielded one M-14 automatic rifle, a Garand rifle and two .
He also visited de-radicalization centre in Bara, where surrenderees of Operation Khyber are being imparted education and vocational training.
The highest numbers of surrenderees were recorded in Northern Mindanao and Metro Manila at 405 and 240, respectively.
The 500 former drug dependents were among the 2,000 drug surrenderees who completed the community-based drug rehabilitation program of QCADAAC and were subsequently taken out of the drug watch lists, according to Belmonte.