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SURRENDEROR. One who makes a surrender; as when the tenant gives up the estate and cancels his lease before the expiration of the term; one who yields up a freehold estate for the purpose of conveying it.

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Sapian, Capiz Information Officer Roberto Opina disclosed that 34 drug surrenderors in their area have availed already of their local governments livelihood program assistance.
Sapian has so far recorded a total of 112 drug surrenderors in view of the Oplan Tokhang under the Project Double Barrel of the Philippine National Police.
The surrenderors, meanwhile, clapped and cheered when Zenaida Concepcion, head of the city's Anti-Drug Abuse Council, discussed the possibility of the government providing them with scholarships and/or funds for putting up a business should they complete the skills training at the Pasig City Livelihood Center and the drug rehabilitation program.
Like a Sunday worship service, the surrenderors were given the choice to turn their lives over to God.
The President also welcomes efforts by other groups that would help the rehabilitation of the surrenderors,' he said.