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SURRENDEROR. One who makes a surrender; as when the tenant gives up the estate and cancels his lease before the expiration of the term; one who yields up a freehold estate for the purpose of conveying it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Because of your valiant efforts, we have convinced almost a hundred NPA surrenderors who decided to return to the fold of the law and we also successfully recovered 45 firearms," he said.
The surrenderors are members of the BIFF faction under Gani Saligan (who is still hiding), a notorious rebel in south-western Liguasan Marsh.
Among the surrenderors was Dido Malawan, 46, the Deputy Brigade Commander of the BIFF's 2nd Division.
The other surrenderors have realized the futility of their cause after seeing the development projects facilitated by the AFP in General SK Pendatun area.
The surrenderors, meanwhile, clapped and cheered when Zenaida Concepcion, head of the city's Anti-Drug Abuse Council, discussed the possibility of the government providing them with scholarships and/or funds for putting up a business should they complete the skills training at the Pasig City Livelihood Center and the drug rehabilitation program.
Like a Sunday worship service, the surrenderors were given the choice to turn their lives over to God.
The surrenderors turned over one (1) US M16 rifle, six (6) US M1 Garand rifles, one (1) M79 GL, one (1) UZI, and two (2) Caliber 45 pistols.
Westmincom Commander Lieutenant General Arnel Dela Vega said: "This is, by far, a breakthrough having so much ASG member surrenderors in just a short span of seven months".
'The President also welcomes efforts by other groups that would help the rehabilitation of the surrenderors,' he said.