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n. 1) a person acting on behalf of another or a substitute, including a woman who gives birth to a baby of a mother who is unable to carry the child. 2) a judge in some states (notably New York) responsible only for probates, estates, and adoptions.

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SURROGATE. In some of the states, as in New Jersey, this is the name of an officer who has jurisdiction in granting letters testamentary and letters of administration.
     2. In some states, as in Pennsylvania, this officer is called register of wills and for granting letters, of administration in others, as in Massachusetts, he is called judge of probates.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Neither did the surrogate want to keep the baby, insisting she bore him only because of the surrogacy contract.
"The issue of large payments usually comes up in international surrogacy arrangements and there has never yet been a case where the court has refused to make a parental order because too much money was paid to the surrogate."
Thankfully, last time around, none of these additional costs were required to be implemented but for the money, there were a number of conditions that the surrogate had to abide by.
The first reason was that the intended surrogate mother was likely to use surrogacy as a means of income.
News about Kardashian and West hiring a surrogate first came out in June after Kris Jenner's daughter revealed that doctors told her getting pregnant again would be unsafe for her.
For six years I've seen what exceptional fathers the couple are BECKY HARRIS Surrogate mum
5) A Florida resident client may now grant to a health care surrogate authority to receive health information immediately, even while the client has capacity.
The goal of decomposition is to determine the number of required surrogate models, which form the global surrogate-based model (GSBM).
Since the birth of the first surrogate baby in India in early '90s, commercial surrogacy has evolved into a booming industry giving India the dubious distinction as the surrogacy hub of the world which offers some of the best fertility 'packages'.
The dawdling trend has become noticeable in the past two to three years following restrictions from authorities and legal battles over cross- country IVF babies through surrogates. When the government barred foreigners from hiring Indian surrogates, the industry that was at its peak during 2000- 2012 went into a decline.
According to Russian Federal law (Article 55) 'On the basics of protection of the health of citizens in the Russian Federation' surrogacy is carrying and giving birth to a child within the contract, which is signed by surrogate mother and biological parents who gave their own sex cells.
babysitters' SURROGACY UK trustee Natalie Smith, 34, herself a mum to twin girls born to a surrogate, says: "Surrogates they never see them as their children, they're merely babysitting them.