Surrogate Court

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Surrogate Court

A tribunal in some states with Subject Matter Jurisdiction over actions and proceedings involving, among other things, the probate of wills, affairs of decedents, and the guardianship of the property of Infants.

surrogate court

n. a court in a few states (including New York) with jurisdiction over probates, estates and adoptions.

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Although the surrogate court granted relief, the IRS questioned whether the trust interest the decedent's will created was eligible for the estate tax marital deduction as qualified terminable interest property within the meaning of section 20560(b)(7).
Under the Surrogate Court Rules of Alberta there are suggested fees for both executors/trustees of estates and lawyers who perform legal functions for estates.
On Wednesday, November 12, 1997, the City of New York saluted Latin music vocalist Jaime "Jimmy" Sabater-Gonzalez and Felipe Luciano in the lobby of a New York City landmark, Surrogate Court at 31 Chambers Street.
By bringing fishery and colony together through the court records of the Surrogate Court (1785-1825) and the Northern Circuit Court (1826-1855), Cadigan has provided a new context for Newfoundland in this period.
Further, the IRS rested its conclusion on a New York Surrogate Court ruling in Spear(37) that general powers of appointment, under New York law, were deemed to exist in each primary beneficiary under roughly comparable facts.
Once the actual tax determination by the New York State Surrogate Court is received, the Executor has 4 years from the date the Form 706 estate tax return was filed in which to claim the additional credit of $2,295.
Novick & Associates said they have filed papers in Suffolk County Surrogate Court on behalf of clients David and Howard Mercer asking the court to remove BNY Mellon (NYSE: BK) as fiduciary of the Norman Mercer estate.
In a July 18 filing in Manhattan Surrogate Court, the actor's accountant David Friedman recalled conversations with Hoffman where the topic of a trust for his children was raised.
Seddio, former Judge of the Kings County, NY Surrogate Court, has joined the company as vice president of Policy and Customer Advocacy.
Her series, Count Marriage Registers of Ontario: 1858-1869 and Surrogate Court Index of Ontario.
Any interested person may apply to the Surrogate Court for an order terminating the Enduring Power of Attorney.