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Some people might wonder why some other people should go to all the bother and expense of procuring a child via surrogate motherhood, especially when there already exist in the world children who are in need of parents.
Surrogate motherhood forces professionals and policy makers to confront problems created when infertility is combined with a profound need to obtain and nurture biologically related children.
At a compound behind the Manila Cathedral last night, RH supporters presented a play on surrogate motherhood that raised disturbing questions on motherhood among rich and poor women alike.
Chapter 19 of the Children's Act [6] is dedicated to surrogate motherhood. It deals with aspects such as the criteria that prospective commissioning parents and prospective surrogate mothers must fulfil, confirmation of the surrogacy agreement by the Court, and the enforceability of such an agreement.
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Healthcare professionals specialising in assisted conception are often confronted with practical scenarios for which the Children's Act 38 of 2005, which regulates surrogate motherhood, does not provide clear answers.
It also raises questions on whether surrogate motherhood should be regulated, and if so, in what way.
Parliament, in a vote on October 26, approved the first reading of an amending and supplementing bill to the Family Code, legalising surrogate motherhood. The bill was tabled by Ataka MP Kalina Kroumeva.
Our collective mistrust of state intervention in biomedicine may go a long way toward explaining the state of affairs that Susan Markens discusses in Surrogate Motherhood and the Politics of Reproduction.
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