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This whole concept of the black box and what it says about our surveillance culture poses some interesting dilemmas.
Continuous monitoring, including surveillance culture systems and education for medical staff, may be more important than decontamination in reducing the acquisition of and infection with Elizabethkingia.
Surveillance cultures are ambiguous, constructing subjectivities of the passive-governed and of vigilant witness-individuals.
Filtering the spirit and the ambition of the 1984 novel through the lens of contemporary culture, this radical new staging explores surveillance culture, identity and how falling in love could be the greatest revolutionary act.
He laughs: "In Australia they're more offended by cigarettes than the prospect of war!" While the free thinking, leather jacket wearing Aussie is quick to observe that some could be offended by his observations on such topics as the nanny state, surveillance culture, and how certain ridiculous rules are enforced, he does recognise the inherent conflict between free choice and regulations.
"The use of (super recognizers) will lead to cases of mistaken identity but more than that, it forms part of a ubiquitous surveillance culture that spreads fear and distrust," he said.
Requests for details of teaching content, and being subject to a mere three hours of observation spread over three occasions per year, hardly constitute grounds for moaning about being set "homework" or becoming victims of a "surveillance culture".
Privacy campaigners Big Brother Watch said the nation had an "out-of-control surveillance culture".
Director Nick Pickles said yesterday: "Britain has an out-of-control surveillance culture that is doing little to improve public safety but has made our cities the most watched in the world.
Spokesman Alex Deane said: "Whatever one thinks of our surveillance culture, we can all agree that the technology is better off in the hands of trained, accountable professionals rather than voyeurs."
Our surveillance culture has grown to the point where you can't even travel from one county to the next without being harassed.
TEACHERS warned of an "Orwellian" surveillance culture developing in schools today as more classrooms are fitted with CCTV cameras to monitor pupils' behaviour.

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