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SUSPENSE. When a rent, profit a prendre, and the like, are, in consequence of the unity of possession of the rent, &c., of the land out of which they issue, not in esse for a time, they are said to be in suspense, tunc dormiunt, but they may be revived or awakened. Co, Litt. 313 a.

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Development of story liking: character identification, suspence, and outcome resolution.
The author's strength is in building up the suspence as Dragon's brother is consumed by evil and the kingdom goes to war.
Another for whom the ground should be ideal is the Richard Fahey-trained Brief Suspence in the Ampleforth National Hunt Novices' Hurdle (12.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Stacking of Stone Aggregate 10mm In Connection With SUB 9 B Suspence stock during 2015-16
Williams, II from Platinum Keyz Recordings, includes three additional previously unreleased songs such as Love You I Do(Auoo), Chocolate(We Go Down) and Music Is My Life with a bonus house mix of Love You I Do by Tyrone Spencer aka DJ Suspence.
Rather than spending money on big effects, in place of blood and gore is mystery and suspence, accomplished with low budget tricks like eerie sounds.
Todorov lo indica, invece, come romanzo di suspence.
Tenders are invited for Supplying and Stacking of Flush Door Shutter In Connection With SUB 9 B Suspence stock during 2015-16