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SUSPENSION. A temporary stop of a right, of a law, and the like.
     2. In times of war the habeas corpus act maybe suspended by lawful authority.
     3. There may be a suspension of an officer's duties or powers, when he is charged with crimes. Wood's Inst. 510.
     4. Suspension of a right in an estate is a partial extinguishment, or an extinguishment for a time. It differs from an extinguishment in this. A suspended right may be revived; one extinguished is absolutely dead. Bac. Ab. Extinguishment, A.
     5. The suspension of a statute for a limited time operates so as to prevent its operation for the time, but it hits not the effect of a repeal. 3 Dall. 365.

SUSPENSION, Scotch law. That form of law by which the effect of a sentence- condemnatory, that has not yet received execution, is stayed or postponed, till the cause be again considered. Ersk. Prin. L. Scotl. 4, 3, 5. Suspension is competent also, even where there is no decree, for putting a stop to any illegal act whatsoever. Id. 4, 3, 7.
     2. Letters of suspension bear the form of a summons, which contains a warrant to cite the charger, Ib.

SUSPENSION, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical censure, by which a spiritual person is either interdicted tho exercise of his ecclesiastical function, or hindered from receiving the profits of his benefice. It may be partial or total; for a limited time, or forever, when it is called deprivation or amotion. Ayl. Parerg. 501.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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