suspension of work

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BEIRUT: Environment Minister Mohammad Machnouk called Monday for the immediate suspension of work in all illegal stone and sand quarries and urged action to be taken, including sealing the areas with wax, in a letter to Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk.
General Moly Inc (NYSE MKT:GMO) (TSX:GMO), molybdenum mineral development, exploration and mining company, stated on Wednesday that it has been informed by its legal counsel of the suspension of work on the USD665m Chinese sourced term loan under negotiation with China Development Bank (CDB) for development of the M Hope Project, until further notice.
After several hours of emergency talks, the Judges Club called for "the suspension of work in all courts and prosecution administrations.
12 -- The Land Transportation Company announced it will resume travel at the end of Ramadan after a more than two year suspension of work due to technical defects and a shortage of spares.
The company issued a statement quoted in the Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA) today that the reasons for suspension of work in the unit is due to a fire that had erupted in the unit last Tuesday, asserting that the company production operations shall continue in the other industrial units non-stop and without impact.
It was reported that in its notice of suspension of work at Ambattur issued on Tuesday, the company said that as per the Long-Term Settlement arrived at on July 30, 2009, between the management and the Dunlop Factory Employees' Union, the workers had agreed to bring down the production cost to the minimum level possible, promote productivity and all-round discipline and maximise capacity utilisation.
The public employees union has announced suspension of work in all public institutions as of 10 Tuesday morning to allow employees to participation in the prisoners' celebrations.
MANAMA: Bahrain has decided to withdraw a bank guarantee from Korea's Sungwon Corporation following suspension of work on the Isa Town Interchange project, in accordance with an agreement signed between the Works Ministry and the company, it was announced yesterday.
Yesterday's suspension of work came as Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband acknowledged that the 192-nation conference was "not yet on track for the kind of deal we need" and said "more urgency" was needed to solve problems.
Fayyad's statement read, "From the position of the National Authority which craves public freedoms, journalistic and media work, and after consultation with a number of legal advisers, and in order to allow the judicial proceedings to take their natural course and without prejudice to rights, I issued a decision to halt the suspension of work of the Al Jazeera office in Palestine, and allow the office to carry on its work as usual.
Denison Mines Corp (TSX: DML)(AMEX: DNN), a Canada-based company that explores and develops uranium resources, has announced a postponement of the Midwest Project and a suspension of work at the Tony M mine located in Utah, US.
The annual suspension of work minimizes the project's impacts on juvenile salmon and shellfish reproducing within the estuary.

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