suspension of disbelief

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He accomplishes this result partly through his power of suggesting the real unity of the inner and outer worlds, partly through his skill, resting in a large degree on vivid impressionistic description, in making strange scenes appear actual, in securing from the reader what he himself called 'that willing suspension of disbelief which constitutes poetic faith.
The suspension of disbelief was apparently total and complete: When seven errant lawmakers flashed reminders of the truth: "Mapang-aping asendero," "Pahirap sa manggagawa at kawani," "Serbisyo palpak," "Pork barrel king," "Tuta ng Kano," "Human rights violator," and "Perwisyo pahamak.
These developments feel like "big plot twists" rather than part of the story to that point, and they go beyond a reasonable suspension of disbelief.
The plot twists when they come are unexpected and quite startling, initially requiring a willful suspension of disbelief, but quickly turning into an unexpectedly believable scenario.
Suspension of disbelief is required, but well worth it.
As with many books with an anthropomorphic animal as the main character, this one requires considerable suspension of disbelief.
Undeniably quirky, the production required a certain degree of suspension of disbelief, but it didn't take long to settle into what was a brilliant reconstruction of a very familiar tale.
I think it helps with the suspension of disbelief and helps you to appreciate just how special the stuff he can really do is," Fisch added.
Luckily, a willing suspension of disbelief kicks in and the reader is left admiring the complexity of the plot, the idiosyncratic characters and the interesting--sometimes tortured--nature of the relationships.
In the style of pre-Tippi Hedren Hitchcock, the thrills in this play rely primarily on a suspension of disbelief.
While accepting a ban on dancing in this day and age requires a suspension of disbelief, a story where dance is the ultimate form of self-expression--with the edge of rebellious fun to boot-makes it easier to swallow for dance lovers.
Here, the scheme as described by plaintiffs, requires a suspension of disbelief because it requires the court to accept that the Sorrento entities were willing to commit economic suicide," wrote Judge James Yates in his ruling.

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